Club Contacts


Golf Co-ordinator:
Bruce Dickson 0275 028439

Paul Plimmer 0273 927844

Asst Greenkeeper:
Phil Johnson 0274 361366


President: Pete Wood 0274 353040
Secretary: Peter Harper 021 2657346
Treasurer: Simon Wareing 0272 289448
Men’s Captain: Ross Breach 0273 332930
Ladies’ Captain: Jan Lane 0274 621701
9 Hole Convenor: Annette Maw 0272 299732
Greens Convenor: Allan Lock 0272 201937
House Convenor: Peter Kemp 021 2054429

Club Competitions

Conditions of Play:
All members must be financial to play for club trophies.
All matches must be played on due date or before.
All ties in competition will be decided by lot, except all gross ties by play off.

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Competition Results

Results will be uploaded here following competitions. For archived results, please contact the Golf Coordinator.

Mens Results – 10th October
Snowdin trophy winner: Methven 34.94 v Ellesmere 32.56
Results:42 Bruce Dickson .41 Peter Harper. 40 Leah Barclay.39 Jim Geddes.38 Roger Callaghan, Russell Currie, Paul Ward.37 Graham Gunn, Tim Robinson, Sharron Burrell-Smith, Ian Lucas.36 Peter Kemp. 35 Craig Middleton, Neil McArther, Jason Steed, Glen Hotton, Geoff  Kelk,Jane Pannyborn, Mark Chamberlain.
Two’s: Jason Steed, Jock Houston, Ian Lucas, Phil Elliott.

Mens Results – 12th September
Senior:  Steve Schwass 78-5-73. Intermediate: Phil Johnson 83-10-73. Junior A: Andrew McNeur 94-21-73. Junior B: Bruce Dickson 95-22-73 by lot
Other Good Scores: 73 John Robinson. 74 Rod Carson. 75 Keith Middleton
Twos: James Anderson, Alister Maxwell.
Dubliner best nett : Steve Schwass 73 by lot. Methven Foursquare Second Best Nett: Andrew McNeur 73 by lot. Bar Voucher  Best Gross : Steve Schwass 78
Closest to the Pins-Aqua Japanese  No 4: James Anderson.  Bar Voucher  No 6: Peter Harper. Ski Time No 13: Ben Rutter. Green Parrot  No 17: Alister Maxwell. Hunters Wines  No 14: Craig Middleton.

Next Week  19th September:  Bush Cup
Champ Winners  Senior Knockout: John McGttigan. Junior Knockout: Mike Gray. Junior B: Peter Harper. Junior A: Sam Clark. Intermediate: Matt Duncan. Senior: Steve Schwass. Bronze B: Bev Isherwood. Bronze A: Ellen Kemp. Silver: Angela Mowbray

Mens Results – 5th September
Senior: Craig Middleton 75-7-68. Intermediate: Matt Duncan 78-13-65. Junior A: Mike Gray 93-19-74. Junior B: Andrew McNuer 87-22-65
Other Good Scores: 68 Phil Johnson . 69 Steve Schwass, Grant Hargraves. 70 Peter Harper, Alister Maxwell. 72 Russell Currie, Paddy Helmore. 73 Peter Kemp, Allen Lock, Bruce Dickson. 74 Gary Kermode.
Twos: Phil Johnson, Alister Maxwell.
Dubliner best nett : Andrew McNuer 65 by lot. Methven Foursquare Second Best Nett: Matt Duncan. Bar Voucher Best Gross : Steve Schwass 74
Closest to the Pins-Aqua Japanese No 4: Matt Duncan. Bar Voucher No 6: Phil Johnson. Ski Time No 13: Alister Maxwell. Green Parrot No 17: Athol McAlpine. Hunters Wines No 14: Steve Schwass.
Next Week 12th September: Finals Day. Tee Times 8.30 Junior Knockout. 8.37 Senior Knockout. 8.44 Junior B. 8.51 Bronze B. 8.58 Junior A. 9.05 Bronze A. 9.12 Intermediate. 9.19 Silver. 9.26 Senior. Flights 12.30 off 10. Rest of the field at 1pm.
Mens Champs Finalists: Junior B Peter Kemp v Peter Harper. Junior A Geoff Rhodes v Sam Clark. Intermediate Matt Duncan V Paddy Helmore. Senior Steve Schwass v Craig Middleton.

Mens Results – 29th August
Senior:  Piers Rolton 77-9-68. Intermediate: Keith Middleton 82-12-70. Junior A: Phil Elliott 84-17-67. Junior B: Peter Kemp 93-23-70
Other Good Scores: 68 Rod Carson . 71 Neil McArther, Frank Sandys. 72 Eric Grimwade, Ian Lucas. 73 Phil Johnson, Athol McAlpine, John Mcgettigan. 74 Geoff Rhodes.
Twos: Neil McArther, James Anderson, Phil Elliott.
Dubliner best nett : Phil Elliott 67. Methven Foursquare Second Best Nett: Rod Carson 68 by lot. Bar Voucher  Best Gross : Piers Rolton 77
Closest to the Pins-Aqua Japanese  No 4: John McGettigan.  Bar Voucher  No 6: Neil McArther. Ski Time No 13: Eric Grimwade. Green Parrot  No 17: Alister Maxwell. Hunters Wines  No 14: Frikkie Greybie.

Mens Results – 22nd August
Senior:  Frikkie Greybie 79-10-69. Intermediate: Matt Duncan 79-12-67. Junior A: Jim Lattimore 93-20-73. Junior B: Peter Kemp 92-24-68 by lot
Other Good Scores: 68 Russel Currie . 69 Gavin Murray. 71 John McGettigan, Gavin Santy. 72 Frank Sandys, Craig Middleton, Jimmy Anderson. 73 Neil McArther , Alan Smith. 74 Michael Kemp, Grant Hargraves, John Robinson.
Two’s: Michael Kemp, Alister Maxwell, John Robinson.
Dubliner Best  Nett: Matt Duncan 67. Methven Foursquare Second Best Nett: Peter Kemp 68. Bar Voucher  Best Gross : Frikkie Greybie 79 by lot
Closest to the Pins-Aqua Japanese  No 4: Matt Duncan.  Bar Voucher  No 6: Frank Sandys. Ski Time No 13: Geoff Kelk. Green Parrot  No 17: Gavin Murray. Hunters Wines  No 14: Steve Schwass.

Mens Results – 15th August
Senior:  Steve Schwass 74-6-68 by lot. Intermediate: Phil Johnson 81-11-70 by lot. Junior A: Rod Carson 90-19-71. Junior B: Bruce Dickson 91-22-69

Other Good Scores: 68 Greg Overall. 69 Dayle Lucas. 70 Gavin Murray.71 Paddy Helmore, Alister Maxwell. 72 Neil McArther, Frekkie Greybie,  Phil Elliott. 73 Ian Lucas, Piers Rolton.

Two’s: Gary Kermode, Peter Harper.

Dubliner Best  Nett: Steve Schwass 68 by lot. Methven Foursquare Second Best Nett: Greg Overall 68. Bar Voucher  Best Gross : Dayle Lucas 72

Closest to the Pins-Aqua Japanese  No 4: Jim Lattimore.  Bar Voucher  No 6: Frikkie Greybie. Ski Time No 13: Graeme Gunn. Green Parrot  No 17: Matt Duncan. Hunters Wines  No 14: Neil McArthur.

Mens Results – 8th August
Senior:  Steve Schwass 72-6-66. Intermediate: Paddy Helmore 82-14-68. Junior A: Jim Lattimore 86-19-67 by lot. Junior B: John Robinson 90-24-66

Other Good Scores: 67 Alister Maxwell. 68 Ross Breach, John McGettigan.

Two’s: Athol McAlpine x2, Michael Kemp, Jim Lattimore, Alister Maxwell, Eric Grimwade, Phil Johnson, Mick Hodgson.

Dubliner Best  Nett: John Robinson 66 by lot. Methven Foursquare Second Best Nett: Steve Schwass 66. Bar Voucher  Best Gross : Alister Maxwell 72 by lot

Closest to the Pins-Aqua Japanese  No 4: Alister Maxwell.  Bar Voucher  No 6: Dayle Lucas. Ski Time No 13: Eric Grimwade. Green Parrot  No 17: Athol McAlpine. Hunters Wines  No 14: Steve Schwass.

Mens Results – 1st August
Senior:  Steve Schwass 77-8-69. Intermediate: John McGettigan 78-13-65. Junior A: Ian Lucas 93-21-72 by lot. Junior B: Peter Kemp 97-24-73.

Other Good Scores: Matt  Mason 70, Simon Wareing. 71 Alister Maxwell. 72 Piers Rolton, Mike Gray. 73 Dayle Lucas, James Anderson, Athol McAlpine, Neil McArther, Frank Sandys.

Eagle: Matt Mason no14

Two’s: Dayle Lucas, Grant Hargraves, John McGettigan, Matt Mason.

Dubliner Best  Nett: John McGettigan. Methven Foursquare Second Best Nett: Steve Schwass. Bar Voucher  Best Gross : Matt Mason 75

Closest to the Pins-Aqua Japanese  No 4: Matt Mason.  Bar Voucher  No 6: Jack Barrett. Ski Time No 13: John Mcgettigan. Green Parrot  No 17: Stewve Schwass. Hunters Wines  No 14: Matt Mason.

Mens Results – 25th July
Winners of the Gerard Fitzgerald Memorial trophy: Piers Rolton & Gary Kermode 61.
Senior:  Piers Rolton 79-9-70 by lot. Intermediate: Keith Middleton 83-12-71. Junior A: Phil Elliott 87-17-70. Junior B: John Robinson 94-74-70.
Other Good Scores: 70 Alister Maxwell. 71 Bruce Dickson.

HOLE IN ONE: Frank Sandys no6

Two’s: Michael Kemp, Simon Wareing, Piers Roltonx2, Phil Johnson, Eric Grimwade.
Dubliner Best  Nett: Alister Maxwell 70 by lot. Methven Foursquare Second Best Nett: Piers Rolton By Lot.
Bar Voucher  Best Gross: Alister Maxwell 75
Closest to the Pins-Aqua Japanese  No 4: Dayle Lucas.  Bar Voucher  No 6: Frank Sandys. Ski Time No 13: Michael Kemp. Green Parrot  No 17: Piers Rolton. Hunters Wines  No 14: James Anderson.

Mens Results – 18th July
Senior:  Dayle Lucas 72-3-69 38pts. Intermediate: Paddy Helmore 86-13-73 34pts. Junior A: Jim Lattimore 90-19-71 36pts. Junior B: Peter Kemp 96-24-72 35pts.

Other Good Scores: 36 Ian Lucas. 35 Russel Currie, Mike Gray. 34 Rod Carson. 33 Craig Middleton Keith Middleton, Yuki Matsuda.
Two’s: Craig Middleton, Dayle Lucas, Alister Maxwell, James Anderson.
Dubliner Best  Nett: Dayle Lucas 69. Methven Foursquare Second Best Nett: Ian Lucas 71 . Bar Voucher  Best Gross : Dayle Lucas 72.
Closest to the Pins-Aqua Japanese  No 4: Piers Rolton.  Bar Voucher  No 6: Dayle Lucas. Ski Time No 13: Alister Maxwell. Green Parrot  No 17: Craig Middleton. Hunters Wines  No 14: Dayle Lucas.

Mens Results – July 11th
Senior:  Grant Hargraves 73-7-66 41 points. Intermediate: Tim Robinson 89-15-74 33 points. Junior A: Ian Lucas 90-21-69 38 points. Junior B: Yuki Matsuda 94-22-72 35points.

Other Good Scores: 69 Piers Rolton. 70 Dayle Lucas. 71 Bruce Dickson
Two’s: Craig Middleton, Adam Marshall, Piers Rolton x2, Grant Hargraves x2,  Phil Johnson, Ben Rutter
Dubliner Best  Nett: Grant Hargraves 66. Methven Foursquare Second Best Nett: Ian Lucas 69 . Bar Voucher  Best Gross : Grant Hargraves 73 by lot.
Closest to the Pins-Aqua Japanese  No 4: Mick Hodgson.  Bar Voucher  No 6: Mike Gray. Ski Time No 13: Craig Middleton. Green Parrot  No 17: Ben Rutter. Hunters Wines  No 14: Adam Marshall.

Mens  Results | Latest News – 4th July
Senior:  Grant Hargraves 77-8-69 by lot. Intermediate: 81-12-69. Junior A: Mike Gray 93-18-75 by lot. Junior B: Russell Currie 97-25-72 by lot.
Other Good Scores: 69 Greame Gunn, 71 Alister Maxwell, Phil Johnson, Frank Sandys. 72 Paddy Helmore, Peter Kemp. 74 Pete Wood, Keith Middleton.
Two’s: Phil Johnson, Frank Sandys, Neil McArther, James Anderson, Phil Elliott
Dubliner Best  Nett: Simon Wareing 69 by lot. Methven Foursquare Second Best Nett: Grant Hargraves . Bar Voucher  Best Gross : Alister Maxwell  76 by lot.
Closest to the Pins-Aqua Japanese  No 4: Neil McArther.  Bar Voucher  No 6: Steve Schwass. Ski Time No 13: Alister Maxwell. Green Parrot  No 17: John McGettigan. Hunters Wines  No 14: Craig Middleton.

Pennant teams remain unbeaten after the 3rd round
The scratch team won 11-6 at Tinwald while the Ladies halved for the 2nd time in a row. At Rakaia after a close and hard fought match the Moyes team won 10 – 7 to continue its unbeaten run.

Web site
Thank you to Karyn Robertson at Nor West Arch for a job well done. You will be able to find results and news here as well as finding out about the course for playing and the club house facilities for hire. There are great photographs as well.

Men’s Competition and Championship
Changes to the grades and the championship qualifying have been made by the Men’s match committee.
In order to have approximately the same number of players in each grade the seniors is now 0 – 10, Intermediate 11 – 16, Junior A 17 – 21, Junior B 22 and over.
Entry into this year’s Championships will be not only from 1 of 2 qualifying rounds but also by putting your name on a sheet on the noticeboard. The format to find each top qualifier is still to be decided.
Club Captain is keen to have close to full fields in each grade as possible.

Below: Leyton Blackwell celebrating his Hole in one on the 17th at Methven

Mens Results | Latest News – June 27th

Download Results
A happy Leighton Blackwell headlines the latest Methven golf news by scoring a hole in one recently. His team mate, Kane Hickman, watched him achieve the feat on the par 3 17th. Congratulations Leighton may there be more.

Phil Johnson nearly matched Blackwell in Saturday competition by scoring “a hole in one” and birdie on the same hole!! How did he achieve that you may ask? On No 13 Par 3 Shorty, Johnson watched his tee shot finish in the spare hole! He then putted across the green to the flagged hole and saw it go in for a birdie 2!!

Simon Wareing, James Anderson go back to back in the Duff Trophy
Simon Wareing and James Anderson have gone back to back to retain the Duff Trophy. In the final on Saturday they came out and dominated the match against Richard Maw and Frikkie Greybe. Combining well Wareing and Anderson were 5 up after 9. Greybe then had 3 birdies in a row to cut back the deficit but when Wareing chipped in on 16 the Duff trophy had been retained.

In the semifinals the previous week Wareing and James Anderson had to go to the 20th hole to overcome a gallant Paddy Helmore and Bruce Dickson. After a seesaw first 9 holes Helmore and Dickson led by 2. The next 5 holes were halved until 15th when Anderson put his 3rd just a few centimetres from the pin to win the hole. Wareing won the 17th with a 2 to square the match. The match finished on the 20th when Anderson clinched the match with another superb chip.
In the other semifinal Maw and Frikkie Greybe produced enough good shots to overcome a gallant Geoff Rhodes at the 15th.

Michael Kemp, Ben Rutter take out Middleton Trophy
Michael Kemp and Ben Rutter won the Middleton Trophy after a tight tussle with Ross Breach and Phil Elliott.
After an even first 9 holes Kemp and Rutter took control of the match by winning 3 holes to be 4 up after 13. Elliott landed a massive 50 foot putt on 15 to stay in the match but it was not to be enough as they shook hands on the 17th.
The previous week both semifinals went to the last hole in two tight matches.
Michael Kemp and Ben Rutter prevailed over Dad, Peter Kemp and Jim Lattimore with putting proving to be the difference.
Ross Breach and Phil Elliott took out the match on the 18th against a gallant Alister Maxwell and Dayle Lucas.
The finals are this weekend.

Pennant teams remain unbeaten
In the second round the Ladies Team and Men’s Scratch team halved their matches while the Moyes team had a 11-6 win over the home team, Ashburton. The Ladies and Scratch team lead their competitions while the Moyes Team lies second. There is another round in next.
Below: Richard Maw, Frikkie Greybe, Simon Wareing, James Anderson (Photo credit: Dan McLaughlan)


Ladies Results – October 7
Competition: Irish Stableford.
Robyn Maw         81
Best Scores
Robyn Maw                  88-19-69
Jane Helmore              96-24-72
Roz Grant                   100-27-73
Aqua Japanese Resturant Best Nett of the day:-Robyn Maw       69
Nearest the Pins
No   4 Open              Supervalue                         Jan Lane
No 17 Open & Br B   Methven Pharmacy            Gayle O’Duffy
No 13 Open              Methven Travel                  Roz Grant
No  6  Open             Surprise Hole                      Jan Lane
Twos and Nett Eagles
Bev Isherwood. Gayle O’Duffy.

Ladies Results – September 30
Competition:- Captains Choice. Fairways and Putts
Roz Grant             +39
Heather Santy      +36
Wendy Wareing    +33
Best Scores
Heather Santy             96-29-67
Roz Grant                    97-26-71
Aqua Best Nett of the day:- Heather Santy  67
Mt Hutt Lodge Best Nett of the Month:- Heather Santy   67
Nearest the Pins
No   4 Open                   Methven Pharmacy                   Jenny Senior
No 17 Open                   Methven Travel                         Jenny Senior
No 13 Open & BrB        Surprise Hole                             Bev Isherwood
No  6 Open                   Methven Foursquare                  Dennise Hood
No 13 Sat Girls             Supervalue                                 Ellen Kemp
Two’s and Nett Eagles
Gail Limbrick x2

Ladies Results – September 23
Competition:- 3 Clubs and a Putter.
Heather Santy           105-29-76
Bev Isherwood          106-28-78

Nearest the Pins
No   4 Open                   The Surprise Hole                 Heather Santy
No 17 Open                   Methven Foursquare            Tania Wilson
No 13 Open                   Supervalue                               Jan Lane
No  6 Open 7 Br B        Methven Travel                     Sharon Burrell-Smith
Sat Girls                         Methven Pharmacy               Not Played
No Twos or Nett Eagles

Ladies Results – August 26
Bisque Par
Heather Middleton              7up
Jan Lane                            6 up
Nola Hydes                        4 up

Best Scores
Heather Middleton               101-29-72
Robyn Maw                            94-19-75
Sharon Burrell-Smith            103-28-75

Aqua Japanese Resturant best nett of the day-Heather Middleton   72
Nearest the Pins
No   4  Open                    Methven Foursquare           Jan Lane
No 17  Open                    Supervalue                          Heather Middleton
No 13  Open & Br B         Methven Travel                   Ruth Smith
No  6  Open                     methven Pharmacy             Sandra Marr
Two’s and Nett Eagles
Marg Kelk. Ruth Smith

PINK LADY TOURNAMENT held on Monday 14th September
1st  Candy Floss Kids           Mayfield                  114
2nd M & M’s                          Methven                  111 B/L
3rd  Snes Crew                     Tinwald                    111
4th  4 Natural Hazzards        Rakaia                      110
5th  Pink Bow Dollies            Geraldine                 107 B/L
6th  Ellesmere                      Ellesmere                  107
Straightest Drive        Gail Limbrick
Longest Putt              Sandra Quinn
No 13 Open     Teresa Booker
No  4  0-20        Nicky Muir
No  6  21-26       Barb Williams
No 17 27-42      Marg Read
2’s  Sally Lane

Ladies Results – August 26
Championship Play
Bronze A
Ruth Smith beat Roz Grant
Bronze B
Nola Hydes beat Marg Kelk
Heather Santy beat Sandra Marr
Gail Limbrick beat Denise Hood
Bev Isherwood beat Wendy Wareing

Best Scores
Jane Helmore     97-25-72
Gayle O’Duffy     91-18-73
Tania Wilson       94-20-74

Aqua Japanese Resturant Best Nett of the day:- Jane Helmore   72
Nearest the Pins
No   4  Open                 Methven Pharmacy               Sharryn Bree
No 17  Open                 Surprise Hole                        Tania Wilson
No 13  Open                 Methven Foursquare             Jenny Senior
No  6  Open & Br B      Supervalue                            Sara Gallagher
No 17  Sat Girls           Methven Travel                      Angela Mowbray
Twos and nett Eagles
Bev Isherwood.


Ladies Results – August 19
Robyn Maw                     90-18-70
Gayle O’Duffy                  99-17-82
Bronze A
Ruth Smith                      93-21-72
Heather Middleton         101-27-74
Bronze B
Bev Isherwood               103-29-74
Wendy Wareing              113-36-77
Margaret Lilley Putting
Ruth Smith      30
Fay Redfern    31
Aqua Japanese Resturant Best nett of the Day – Robyn Maw   70
Nearest the Pins
No   4  Open & Br B
The Surprise Hole – Gail Limbrick
No 17  Open Methven Foursquare – Heather Santy
No 13  Open Supervalue – Jane Helmore
No  6  Open Methven Travel –     Ruth Smith
No  4  Sat Girls Methven Pharmacy – G O’Duffy
Twos and Nett Eagles
Gail Limbrick x 2. Jane Helmore. Wendy Wareing. Marg Kelk.

Ladies Results – August 12
4th Margaret Lilley Putting.
Roz Grant          27
Tania Wilson      29
Wendy Wareing  29

Putting Teams
Sharon Burrell-Smith
Heather Middleton           92
Heather Santy

Best Scores
Sharon Burrell Smith        92-30-64
Marg Kelk                          102-38-64
Bev Isherwood                    98-29-69

Aqua Japanese Resturant best Nett Of the Day: Sharon Burrell-Smith   64 C/B

Nearest the Pins
No   4  Open               Methven Foursquare                 Robbie Maw
No 17  Open              Supervalue                                  Sharon Burrell-Smith
No 13 Open&Br B      Methven Travel                           Sandra Marr
No   6  Open              Methven Pharmacy                     Jenny Senior
No   6  Sat Girls         The Surprise Hole                       Not Played

Twos and Nett Eagles
Gail Limbrick x2. Sharon Burell-Smith. Marg Kelk

Ladies Results – August 5
Tania Wilson             93-20-73
Jenny Senior            90-16-74

Bronze A
Jane Helmore          96-25-71
Sharryn Bree           96-23-73

Bronze B
2nd Sharon Burrell-Smith           101-30 71

5th Tuis
Sharon Burrell-Smith     41

Best Nett of the day
Gail Limbrick         68

Nearest the Pins
N0   4  Open                Supervalue                            Sharryn Bree
No 17  Open               Methven Travel                      Jenny Senior
No 13  Open               Methven Pharmacy               Nola Hydes
No  6  Open & Br B    The Surprise Hole                Sharon Burrell-Smith
No 13  Sat Girls          Methven Foursquare            Ellen Kemp

Twos & Nett Eagles
Ellen Kemp x2. Gail Limbrick x2. Roz Grant. Jane Helmore. Sharon Burrell-Smith

Ladies Results – July 29
3rd Margaret Lilley Putting.
Jan Lane                29
Roz Grant              30

Best Scores:
Tania Wilson              90-21-69
Jan Lane                      97-25-72
Fay Redfern                102-30-72
Heather Santy             100-28-72
Aqua Japanese Resturant best Nett of the day:-Tania Wilson   69

Nearest the Pins.
No   4  Open                        Methven Travel                Sara Gallagher
No  17  Open & Br B          Methven Pharmacy          G Limbrick/H Santy
No  13  Open                      The Surprise Hole            Jenny Senior
No   6  Open                       Methven Foursquare        Tania Wilson
No  17  Sat Girls                 Supervalue                       Gayle O’Duffy

Twos and Nett Eagles.
Ellen Kemp. Ruth Smith. Gail Limbrick.
Mt Hutt Lodge Best Nett for July:- Bev Isherwood  66

Ladies Results – July 22

Jenny Senior             90-15-75
Sara Gallagher          91-16-75

Bronze A
Jane Helmore           102-25-77
Jan Lane                   102-25-79

Bronze B
Bev Isherwood           97-31-66
Gail Limbrick             110-39-71

4th Tuis
Bev Isherwood             43
Gail Limbrick               40

3rd Gwen Cook
Bev Isherwood            66
Gail Limbrick               71

3rd Sarah Maw
Bev Isherwood            39
Heather Santy             36

Aqua Japanese Resturant best nett of the Day:- Bev Isherwood   66

Nearest the Pins
No   4  Open                 Methven Pharmacy                    Sara Gallagher
No 17 Open                  The Surprise Hole                       Jane Helmore
No 13 Open&Br B       Methven Foursquare                  Sandra Marr
No  6 Open                   Supervalue                                   Heather Santy
No  6 Sat Girls             Methven Travel

Twos and Nett Eagles
Gail Limbrick. Sara Gallagher. Bev Isherwood. Jan Lane

Ladies Results – July 15th
Best Scores:
Bev Isherwood 100-31-69
Angela Mowbray 83-12-71
Heather Santy 102-28-74
Gail Limbrick 113-39-74

Aqua Japanese Resturant Best nett of the day.
Bev Isherwood 69

Mt Hutt Lodge Best Nett for June:- Heather Santy/Sharon Burrell Smith 69

Nearest the Pins
No 4 Open The Surprise Hole Heather Santy
No 17 Open Methven Foursquare Bev Isherwood
No 13 Open & BR B Supervalue Dennise Hood
No 6 Open Methven Travel Jan Lane
No 4 Sat Girls Methven Pharmacy Angela Mowbray

Twos and Nett Eagles:
Heather Santy. Gail Limbrick.
3rd Sarah Maw

Ladies Results – July 8th

2nd Sarah Maw
Bev Isherwood                 107-31-76              33 stbl
Angela Mowbray              90-12-78               32
Sandra Marr                     109-30-79              30
Aqua best Nett Of the Day:- Bev Isherwood  76

Nearest the Pins
No 4  Open & Br B        Methven Foursquare            Wendy Wareing
No 17 Open                     Supervalue                              Sandra Marr
No 13  Open                    Methven Pharmacy               Roz Grant
No 6 Open                       Methven Travel                     Fay Redfern
No 13  Saturday Girls   The Surprise Hole                  Ellen Kemp

Twos and Nett Eagles
Heather Middleton. Marg Kelk. Angela Mowbray x2. Bev Isherwood.

Ladies club champion – Barbara Duffy
Men’s Club Champion – Bob Brown
Mary Fahey – Mike Markillie
Joyce Thomas Putting Trophy – Alister Goodwin
Weir Plate Best Nett during the season – Trish Pedofsky
Smith Plate Most reduced handicap – Mike Markillie
Annette Maw Stableford Tray – Angela Simonett
Ringers Tray – Bob Brown

Nine Hole Results – September 9th
Stroke and Putting Round
Mike Markillie 46-13-33, 13 Putts
Angela Simonett 55-22-33,19 Putts
Alister Goodwin 54-17-37,13 Putts
PGG Wrightson Best Player Mike Markillie

Methven Travel 2nd Shot Hole 4 Adrienne Goodwin.
Methven Travel 2nd Shot Hole 13 Annette Maw.

Club Champions
Ladies – Barbara Duffy beat Karen Currie in the final.
Mens – Bob Brown beat John Barwell in the final.

Nine Hole Results – September 4th
6th Mary Fahey 8th Putting
Barbara Duffy 62-22-40,15 Putts:
Mike Markillie 52-14-38, 18; Putts
Adrienne Goodwin 63-24-39,18 Putts

Methven Travel 2nd Shot Bob Brown
PGG Wrightson Best Barbara Duffy

Nine Hole Results – August 28th
Stroke back 9 at Rakaia
Mike Markillie 47-14-33;
Angela Simonett 60-22-38;
Barbara Duffy 59-20-39.

Nine Hole Results – August 7th
7th Putting 8th Stableford
Bob Brown 60-28-32. 17 Putts,24 Stablefords:
Alister Goodwin 49-16-33,16 Putts,21 Stablefords
Hiromi Ikehata 45-8-37,16Putts,18 Stablefords
PGG Wrightson Best Player Bob Brown
Methven Travel 2nd Shot Angela Simonett
Cafe 131 Stableford Bob Brown

Nine Hole Results – July 31st
7th Mary Fahey 7th Stableford 6th Putting

Angela Simonett 57-24-33,18 putts 22 Stablefords
Mike Markillie 48-15-33 19,Putts, 18 Stablefords
Karen Currie 56-21-35,18 Putts,19 Stablefords

PGG Wrightsons Best Player Angela Simonett
Methven Travel 2nd Shot Barbara Duffy

Nine Hole Results – July 24th
African Stablefords
Angela Simonett,Mike Markillie, Annette Maw 40 stablefords
Adrienne Goodwin 61-24-37, 17 Stablefords
Angela Simonett 66-24-42,19. Stablefords

PGG Wrightson best player Angela Simonett
Methven Travel 2nd Shot Alister Goodwin

Nine Hole Results – July 17th

4th Mary Fahey 5th Putting

Mike Markillie 48-15-33, 15 Putts;
Karen Currie 59-22-37,16 putts;
Angela Simonett 63-24-39,16 putts.

PGG Wrightsons Best Player Mike Markillie
Methven Travel 2nd shot Mike Markillie

Nine Hole Results – July 10th
Hatem Holes
Karen Currie 31
Mike Markillie 32
Alister Goodwin 36

PGG Wrightsons Best Player: Karen Currie
Methven Travel 2nd Shot: Mike Markillie

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