Competition Results

Results 19th August
1st Round Club Championship Match Play, Stroke Round
 Senior76-4-72 Dayle Lucas
 Intermediate81-14-67 Neil McArther
 Junior A90-21-69 Ross Breach
 Junior B90-25-65 John Robinson
 Other Good Scores69Mike Gray
 70 Andy Gorman
Mark Gorman, Paul Middleton, Phil Elliot
 Eric Meaclem
Mike Gray, Simon Wareing, Pete Wood
 Dubliner - Best Nett
John Robinson
 Methven Foursquare - 2nd Best Nett
67 Neil McArther
 Methven Travel - Best Gross 
76 Dayle Lucas

 Closest to the Pin  
Aqua Japanese Restaurant No 4 Dayle Lucas
 Hunters Wine No 6Michael Kemp
 Ski Time No 13 Mkike Gray
 Green Parrot No 17Simon Wareing
 Cinema Paradiso - 2nd Shot No 14 Piers Rolton

Next week 26th August - 2nd Round Club Championships Matchplay
                          12.00 Intermediate
                          12.10 Senior
                          12.20 Junior B
                           12.30 Junior A 
                           Tee time for all other is 12.30. 
 Bar Roster:   -  26th August Gary Kermode, 2nd September Jim Lattimore

 Results on Wednesday 16th August
3rd Gwen Cook
Bev Isherwood103-34-67
Tania Wilson88-18-70 
Margaret Lilley Putting
Jenny Senior 29
 Tania Wilson 31 
 Fay Redfern31
Paradiso Best Nett
Bev Isherwood - 69
Two's and Nett Eagles
Ruth Smith x2, Bev Isherwood
 Nearest the Pin
 Silver - Methven Supervalue6Tania Wilson
 Bronze A - Methven Foursquare17 Sharryn Bree
 Bronze B - Methven Travel4Fay Redfern
 Open - Methven Pharmacy13  Sharryn Bree
 Aqua 2nd shot - Aqua Japanese Restaurant 14 Ruth Smith
 Saturday Ladies - Arabica6 Sally Jones
Wednesday 23rd August - 1st Round Championship Match Play

9 Holers

Mixed Events
Results from 5th June 
Toyota Cup 
 Winners - jenny Senior & Craig Middleton 76-12-64
 Angela Mowbray & Tim Robinson 85-16.5-68.5
 Jane & Paddy Helmore 90-19.5-70.5
 Sandra & Bob Ilton 98-27-71
 Results From 25th April 
Stone Salver & Smith Trophy, Combined Stableford
 Stone Salver for Married Couples 75 John & Gayle O'Duffy - by lot
 Smith Trophy for Mixed Couples 75 Piers Rolton & Angela Mowbray
 Other Good Scores 75 Paddy & Jane Helmore
  75 Clinton & Sharron Burrell-Smith
  73  Bernard Walsh & Sally Jones
  72 Stuart & Tania Wilson
  70 Ian Lucas & Fay Redfern
  69 Gary Horn & Jan Lane
Results from 17th April  
Wilson Tray & Dickson Trophy, Canadian Foursome
Dickson Trophy

Winners - Best Gross79Stuart & Tania Wilson
Wilson Tray

Winners - Best Nett   79-16-63Stuart & Tania Wilson
Runners Up87-16-66Bernard Walsh & Sally Jones
Other Good Scores68
Paddy & Jane Helmore

68.5Clinton & Sharron Barrell-Smith