Competition Results
The Men's Championship Finalists have been found after Saturday's semifinals.
Congratulations to all the finalists with several trying to be champion for the first time.
Finals Day is Saturday 21 September.

Senior: Allister MaxwellGrant Hargreaves                   Frank Sandys b Graham Gunn 

Intermediate: James Anderson b Paddy Helmore          Simon Wareing b Phil Johnson

Junior A: Mark GormanJim Lattimore                          Max Ferris b Rod Carson 

Junior B: Les Linton b Gary Kermode                             Allan Lock b Gavin Santy
Methven Golf Club  Mens Results 7th September 2019
Semi Finals Club Champs, 1st Round Flights

 Senior 76-7-69
Cruise Tare
 Intermediate 83-15-68
Jimmy Anderson by lot
 Junior A 91-20-71
Mike Gray
 Junior B 98-28-70
Russell Currie
 Other Good Scores 68
Richard Maw
Ross Breach, Rod Carson.
Roger Callaghan.
Grant Hargraves, Stuart Wilson, Dave Puckett, Alan Lock
Best Net, Best Gross Scores

 Dubliner - Best Net            
Jimmy Anderson by lot
 Methven Foursquare - 2nd  Best Net
68 Richard Maw
 Methven Travel - Best Gross 
76 Cruise Tare

 Closest to the Pin    
 Aqua Japanese Restaurant  No 4 Michael Kemp
 Hunters Wine  No 6 Russell Currie
 Ski Time  No 13 Grant Hargraves
 Green Parrot  No 17 Rod Carson
 Cinema Paradiso
 No 14 Alan Lock

Twos: 1
Rod Carson
Cruise Tare (No.2)
Next Week 14 Sept:

Blue Tees, Semis  flights




Ladies Golf Results Wednesday 11th September.
Jenny Senior             87-16-71
Robyn Maw              96-19-77
Bronze A
Jane Helmore            97-25-72
Pam Watson              94-20-74
Ruth Smith                97-22-75
Bronze B
Sandra Marr               101-29-72 Open
Wendy Wareing          109-35-74
Fay Redfern                106-31-75
Margaret Lilley Putting.
Jenny Senior                  28
Sharryn Bree                 30
Aqua Japanese Resturant Best Nett of the Day:- Jenny Senior     71
Mt Hutt Lodge Best Nett for August :- Heather Middleton          69
Nearest the Pins.
# 17 Br B 2nd Shot            Cinema Paradiso            Wendy Wareing
#  4 Open                           Methven Pharmacy         Jenny Senior
#  6 Open                           Arabica                           Jan Lane
# 13 Open                          Methven Foursquare       Sharryn Bree
# 14 Br B 2nd shot            Supervalue                      Heather Middleton
#  4 Saturday Girls            Methven Travel               Ellen Kemp
Twos and Nett Eagles
Sharon Burrell-Smith. Pam Watson x3. Wendy Wareing. Ruth Smith. Robyn Maw.
Results Wednesday 4th September
Championship Match Play
Bronze B
Bev Isherwood beat Sandra Marr
Competition of the Day Stableford played over 9 Holes due to the weather.
Gail Limbrick          19
Aqua Japanese Resturant Best Nett of the Day:- Gail Limbrick  35.5
Nearest the Pins
# 17 Open                     Arabica                             Gail Limbrick
#  4 Open                      Cinema Paradiso               Jenny Senior
#  6 Br B & Open         Methven Foursquare         Wendy Wareing
# 13 Open                     Methven Travel                 Jan Lane
# 14 Sil/Br A                Supervalue                         Pam Watson
# 17 Saturday Girls      Methven Pharmacy            Ellen Kemp
Twos and Nett Eagles
Gail Limbrick
Championship Finals to be played on Saturday 21st September.
Sara Gallagher v Angela Mowbray
Bronze A
Jan Lane v Ellen Kemp
Bronze B
Heather Middleton v Bev Isherwood
Results on Wednesday 28th August
Championship Match Play Results
Match Play Results
Bronze A
Jan Lane beat Jane Helmore
Ellen Kemp beat Ruth Smith
Bronze B
Bev Isherwood beat Nola Hydes
Heather Middleton beat Gail Limbrick

Stroke Round
Wendy Wareing        110-36-74 C/B
Ruth Smith                 95-21-74 C/B
Jenny Senior              89-15-74
Aqua Japanese Restaurant best Nett of the day:
Wendy Wareing  74
Nearest the Pin
 Open - Methven Foursquare17
Dennise Hood
 Open - Cinema Paradiso6Sharryn Bree
 Bronze B & Open - Methven Travel4Bev Isherwood
 Open - Methven Pharmacy
13  Jan Lane
 Aqua 2nd shot - Aqua Japanese Restaurant 14 Sandra Marr
 Saturday Girls Supervalue 14
Gayle O'Duffy
Saturday Girls Arabica13
Gayle O'Duffy
 Two's and Net Eagles
Bev Isherwood. Dennise Hood. Wendy Wareing


9 Holers

Methven 9 Holers win Putting Trophy

Methven 9 Holers, led by John Barwell, has won the 9 Hole Putting Trophy this morning. Annette reports that it is the first time Methven has won the trophy for a long time. The annual competition is against Tinwald and Mayfield. John was the best with 14 putts.

There were 9 visitors from Tinwald and 4 from Mayfield. A proud team picture will be put on the website. 

 Methven average putts 16.7: Mayfield 18.5: Tinwald 19.3.

A shared lunch and raffle were held after the event.  Congratulations.

Results for 30 August 2019
Stroke and putting
Mike Markillie 49-17-32 17 putts; Graham Campion 56-20-36,17.
Karen Currie 15 Putts , Alister Goodwin ,15.
PGG Wrightson Best Player Mike Markillie.
Club Champs
Round 1 Adrienne Goodwin beat Annette Maw, Karen Currie beat Hiromi Ikehata
Round 2 Adrienne Goodwin beat Karen Currie , Trish Pedofsky beat Angela Simonett
Final Adrienne Goodwin Beat Trish Pedofsky
Round 1 Alister Goodwin beat Kevin Thompson,Graham Campion beat John Barwell
Final  Graham Campion beat Alister Goodwin.
Results for 23 August 2019
Stroke and Stableford
Alister Goodwin 47-16-31 20 Stablefords; Graham Campion 53-20-33,20; Adrienne Goodwin 59-24-35, 19;
PGG Wrightson Best Player Alister Goodwin
Methven Travel Second Shot Graham Campion

Mixed Events
Results Awaited