Competition Results
Methven Golf Club  Mens Results 27th April 2019
Stroke Round, 2nd Round Middleton Trophy

 Senior 71-08-63
Piers Rolton
 Intermediate 87-17-70
Ross Breach
 Junior A 84-18-66
Bernard Walsh
 Junior B 95-25-70
Gary Kermode
 Other Good Scores 67
Pete Wood,
Paul Plimmer
Alister Maxwell , Jim Rooney
Craig Middleton, Phil Elliott, Phil Johnson, Bruce Dickson
Best Net, Best Gross Scores

 Dubliner - Best Net            
Piers Rolton
 Methven Foursquare - 2nd Best Net
64 Ben Rutter
 Methven Travel - Best Gross 
71 Piers Rolton

 Closest to the Pin    
 Aqua Japanese Restaurant  No 4 Paul Plimmer
 Hunters Wine  No 6 Peter Kemp
 Ski Time  No 13 Simon Wareing
 Green Parrot  No 17 Michael Kemp
 Cinema Paradiso - Closest 2nd  No 14 Mark Gorman

Pete Wood, Craig Middleton

 Next Week 4th May :
3rd Round Club Champs Quals, Medal Round

3rd Round Callaghan Trophy 
Lions Tournament

Thursday 9th May:    
 Entries Call Allan Lock (03)3028030
Methven Golf Club  Mens Results 16th February 2019
 Senior 39,  77-9-68
 Piers Rolton
 Intermediate 42, 79-14-65
James Anderson
 Junior A 42, 84-19-65
 Peter Harper
 Junior B 41, 91-25-66
 John Robinson
 Other Good Scores 40 Dave Puckett
Geoff Rhodes
Simon Wareing
Phil Johnson

Best Net, Best Gross Scores

 Dubliner - Best Net            
 James Anderson by lot
 Methven Foursquare - 2nd Best Net
65  Peter Harper
 Methven Travel - Best Gross 
75  Alister Maxwell

 Closest to the Pin    
 Aqua Japanese Restaurant  No 4 Graham Gunn
 Hunters Wine  No 6 Piers Rolton
 Ski Time  No 13 Dave Puckett
 Green Parrot  No 17 Peter Harper
 Cinema Paradiso - Closest 2nd Shot  No 14 Mick Hodgson


 J Lattimore, B Wackwitz, J Robinson, D Puckett, J Anderson, C Middleton, G Gunn  
 Next Week 23rd Feb: 2nd Round Rodger Harris
9th February 2019 Opening Day Jubilee Trophy
Mixed Pairs American Foursomes Winners
  76-19-57  Greg Overall & Jodie Monk
  64.5 Mike Gray & Wendy Wareing, Ian Lucas & Faye Redfern
  65  Paddy & Jane Helmore, Craig Middleton & Jenny Senior
  65.5  Geoff & Margaret Kelk
 Single Men 38pts Jim Rooney by lot from Jim Lattimore
Simon Wareing, Frikkie Greybe & Roger Callaghan
Athol McAlpine & Ron Hanna
Jim Lattimore, Ian Lucas/Faye Redfern
 Next Week: 1st Round Round Rodger Harris

Medal Round Results 3rd March
 Senior 70  Grant Hargreaves
 Intermediate 70 Frank Sandys
 Junior A 66  Geoff Kelk
 Junior B 72  Dave Pucket
 Other Good Scores 67 Roger Callaghan
Mike Gray
Peter Harper
Gavin Santy

Best Net, Best Gross Scores

 Dubliner - Best Net            
 Geoff Kelk
 Methven Foursquare - 2nd Best Net
67  Rodger Callaghan
 Methven Travel - Best Gross 
78  Grant Hargraves

 Closest to the Pin    
Aqua Japanese Restaurant  No 4 Grant Goodwin
 Hunters Wine  No 6 Peter Harper
 Ski Time  No 13 Grant Hargreaves
 Green Parrot  No 17 Stuart Wilson
 Cinema Paradiso - Closest 2nd Shot  No 14 Grant Hargreaves

Mike Gray
 Next Week: 1st Round Green Jacket, 3rd Round Rodger Harris

 Results on Wednesday 4th October
Captains Choice 321 Stableford  Teams
 Tania Wilson
Heather Santy
Ruth Smith 
Paradiso Best Nett
Sara Gallagher   70 c/b
Nearest the Pin
 Silver - Methven Foursquare4Gayle O'Duffy
 Bronze A - Methven Travel6Ruth Smith
 Bronze B - Methven Pharmacy17Wendy Wareing
 Open - Arabica13  Gayle O'Duffy
 Aqua 2nd shot - Aqua Japanese Restaurant 14 Ellen Kemp
 Sat. Ladies Methven Supervalue6 Sally Jones

 Two's and Net Eagles
Heather Santy x2, Lynn Worsfold, Pam Watson, Nola Hydes Ruth Smith x2, 
Wendy Wareing, Sara Gallagher
Wednesday 11th October - Mystery Bus Trip leaving club house at 8.30am.

9 Holers

Mixed Events
Results from 5th June 
Toyota Cup 
 Winners - jenny Senior & Craig Middleton 76-12-64
 Angela Mowbray & Tim Robinson 85-16.5-68.5
 Jane & Paddy Helmore 90-19.5-70.5
 Sandra & Bob Ilton 98-27-71
 Results From 25th April 
Stone Salver & Smith Trophy, Combined Stableford
 Stone Salver for Married Couples 75 John & Gayle O'Duffy - by lot
 Smith Trophy for Mixed Couples 75 Piers Rolton & Angela Mowbray
 Other Good Scores 75 Paddy & Jane Helmore
  75 Clinton & Sharron Burrell-Smith
  73  Bernard Walsh & Sally Jones
  72 Stuart & Tania Wilson
  70 Ian Lucas & Fay Redfern
  69 Gary Horn & Jan Lane
Results from 17th April  
Wilson Tray & Dickson Trophy, Canadian Foursome
Dickson Trophy

Winners - Best Gross79Stuart & Tania Wilson
Wilson Tray

Winners - Best Nett   79-16-63Stuart & Tania Wilson
Runners Up87-16-66Bernard Walsh & Sally Jones
Other Good Scores68
Paddy & Jane Helmore

68.5Clinton & Sharron Barrell-Smith