Club Competitions

Conditions of Play
All members must be financial to play for club trophies.
All matches must be played on due date or before.
All ties in competition will be decided by lot, except all gross ties by play off.
Men's 18 Hole
Bush Cup:  Combined stroke. Partners drawn.
Callaghan Trophy:  6 Stroke rounds. Best Nett Total - 4 rounds out of 6 rounds to count.
Championship Plates:  All players beaten in the first and second rounds of the club championships are eligible. Played in grades. No handicaps.
Club Championship (all grades):  Sixteen players to qualify for match play (no handicaps). The two best rounds out of three will qualify. Matches are to be played on the days specified in the programme. These players are asked to make every effort to play on these days so that all matches are played under similiar conditions, remembering that all matches must be played on due date or before.
Duff Trophy:  Arrange own partners. The top thirty-two individual qualifiers and their partners.  Match Play on handicaps as for Four Ball Best ball. The lowest handicap of the four is reduced to scratch and the other handicaps reduced accordingly. Then the full difference in the adjusted handicaps is given.
Harry Maw Trophy:  The non qualifiers of the Duff Trophy.  Play under the same as the Duff and Middleton.
Kemp Trophy:  Players with handicap from 17 to 36. The competition will run annually with entries from members of the Methven Golf Club. Entries will be posted in a knockout draw for each of the trophies. Each player will hit 3 balls, clearly identified, from approximately 100 metres away from No 9 green. Players are asked not to interfere with other matches taking place. Top qualifiers progress to a final. The winner will be the player with the least number of strokes to put all three balls into the hole. In the case of a tie the contest will be played with two balls, and then one ball if necessary, until a win is achieved.
Knockout Competition:  Match play on handicap. All members are eligible. Players must enter for this event.
McGettigan Trophy:  Players with a handicap up to 16. Same as Kemp Trophy but from approximately 100 metres away from No 18 green.
Medal Rounds:  These will be played in 4 grades. Senior 0-12;  Intermediate 13-17;  Junior A 18-23;  Junior B 24-36.
Mt Harding Trophy:  Stableford for over 50s. Best two out of three rounds.
Middleton Trophy:  The losers of the first round of the Duff Trophy qualify. Play under the same conditions as the Duff Trophy.
Putting Competition:  Final to be played on Championship Finals Day.  All matches over 18 holes. Final over 36 holes.
R. S. A . Trophy:  Combined stroke. Partners drawn.
Rodger Harris Memorial Trophy: Stableford Aggregate. Total of three rounds.

Ladies 18 Hole
Alma Goodwin Trophy:   Awarded to winner of Nancy McCormick Foursomes.
Betty Currie Trophy:  Best net score on players club day from opening day until last Wednesday of August. Tie to be played off.
Championship:  Three divisions. Draw to be done on handicap index after the second Wednesday in August.  Play off over over 18 holes for position if the index is the same.  
Currie Button:  Best stableford round each 1st Tuesday of each month.
Eddington Cup (Putting):  Players to enter. Match Play over 18 holes on putting green. Final over 36 holes on number 18 green as set down in programme.
Flights, Plates & Semi Finalist:  To be decided by the Match Committee on the basis of entry participation in the Championship.
Gwen Cook Rosebowl:  Three stroke rounds. Best net total. Tie to be played off.
Harrison Tray Foursome:  To be played on ladies Opening Day.
Joyce Hart Trophy:  60 years and over. Best 3 LGU rounds.  
L.G.U. Medal Rounds:  Four best medal rounds during the season, three divisions, Silver Bronze A & Bronze B. Grades same as ringers.
Lois Middleton Trophy:  All irons. Count back in event of a tie.
Margaret Lilley (Putting aggregate):  Best five out of eight rounds. Tie to be played off.
Mee Cup:  Singles knock out for 0 to 40.4 handicap players only. Match play, full difference in handicap to be played on a weekday only.
Nancy McCormick Foursomes (NZ South Canterbury and Club Trophies):  Choose own partner 36 hole foursome, half-combined handicap. Local tie by count-back.
Nearest the Hole (Shorty):  Length to be marked on player's card. Length is to be taken from the edge of the hole to the front of the ball. Hole in one deemed to be nearest the pin. In the event of a tie, to be held jointly.
Ringers:  Ring the whole number on card only. Two reductions allowed on each hole. Three divisions Silver, Bronze A and Bronze B.
R J Lowe Cup:  Pairs to enter. Four ball best ball. Match play. Lowest handicap gives full difference to other three players.
R.S.A. Trophy:  Best net round in three LGU Qualifying rounds.  Tie to be decided by count-back.
Sarah Maw Trophy:  Best two out of three stableford rounds. Tie to be played off.
Taylor Jug:  For mothers and daughters on parents and child days. Half combined handicap.
Tuis Trophy:  Stableford aggregate. Best four out of seven rounds. Tie to be played off.
Val Limbrick Trophy:  Most reduced handicap. Taken from Opening Day until last Wednesday of September.
Waddington Plate:  Three stroke rounds. Best two out of three rounds. Tie to be played off.
Wilson Tray:  Singles knockout. Match Play.  Full difference of handicap to be played Saturday to Sunday.

9 Holers
Sue Blunt Salvar:  Played over three rounds that are stroke rounds and the two best for each player is then selected and is rated on the two nett differentials of the Methven Clubs course rating.
Eg: Gross score 56 minus 9-hole index 18.2 on course h/cap 38 rating 35.2+2.8
or: Gross score 52 Index 17.7  9 hole h/cap 34 rating 35.2 = 1-.2
A negative score is better than a positive as it means that you are playing below your handicap.
This is a National Home LInks Competition and the best cards for the club are then forwarded to NZ Women's Golf for results to be compared against other clubs.
Mary Fahey Trophy:  Best three of six nominated stroke rounds, a tie to be played off. For this like the Ringers only the player has six chances through the year the scores are recorded and the total of the three best are added together because they are the nett scores (handicap taken off already). Then the three lowest for each individual player the nine hole division are then added together to find the winner. Once again the lowest total is the winner.
Joyce Thomas Putting Trophy:  Like the Mary Fahey only there are eight nominated putting days. For these you counthow many putts you have and these are recorded on completion of this competition the lowest four of the eight are added and once again the lowest score provides the winner.
Smith Plate:  Players in the nine hole competition have their starting indexrecorded at the beginning of each season. Hopefully as the season continues some player handicap will have been reduced. The end of season index is then subtracted from the beginning one and then the highest differential is then the winner.
Weir Plate:  An individual round where the lowest best nett on any given Friday is noted and the lowest nett for the year is the winner.
Annette Maw Stableford Tray:  Best five of eight nominated stableford rounds. Five highest stableford scores are added together and the highest total wins.
Hidden Holes:  The player plays nine holes and at the end the hidden holes are revealed to the players. The scores on these hidden holes are then taken off the gross scores to provide a new gross score. Lowest score on the day is the winner.
Stroke Hatem Holes:  Before starting play a player will choose a selected number of holese.g. Three and the score achieved on these holes will be deducted from the gross score. Lowest on the day will be the winner.
All Irons:  On this day only irons are to be used. This is not a compulsory round but if any given player chooses not to play this way they are not included in the days competition. A hybrid wood is not an iron.
African Stableford:  Players play in pairs and the two scores achieved on each hole is multiplied together to get a score.
E.g.   1 x 1 = 1
         2 x 2 = 4
         3 x 0 = 0
Highest total scores for the pair is then the winner on the day. Note; if you are unable to have groups of four then threes can play and one players score can then be used by each of the other  two players. E.g. Hiromi versus Sue and Sue verses Jan.
Stroke Rounds:  Each player scores off the stick minus their handicap and once again the lowest score is the winner.
Three Clubs and a Putter:  Players choose only three clubs and a putter to be used on the day and it is irrelevant whether they use woods or irons but thought has to be given to the selection. Once again not compulsory however if any player chooses not to play this way they are not eligible for the nearest the pins.

Mixed Events
Conditions of Play
In all mixed events, maximum handicap for Ladies is 40.
All matches that are drawn at the end of 18 holes must start at No 1 Tee.
American Foursome:  Both tee off - swap balls - play second shot - then take best ball and play alternate shots. 1/2 combined handicap.
Canadian Foursome:  Both tee off - then take best ball and play alternate shots. 1/2 combined handicap.
Mixed Foursome:  Men even tees - Ladies odd tees - 1/2 combined handicap. Play alternate shots.
Bisque Par:  This is played against par, but with the allowable strokes taken wherever the player wishes, rather than the holes set down on the card. Strokes must be decided upon when marking the card hole by hole and  not at the conclusion of the round e.g. a player with a six on a par five may use one of their strokes for a half, two for a win or none for a loss.
Best Ball Pairs:  (Play as drawn pairs).  Player A equal par 5 - 5 with shot Net 4 .
Player B equal par 5 - 6 with shot Net 5  Take Net 4.
Combined African Stableford:  e.g: 3 x 2 = 6 points, 3 x 0 = 0 points.
ISTAS;  4 points - birdie,  3 points, par,  2 points 1 over, and 1 point 2 over.  Then add your handicap for total points.